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The Greater Ottawa Truckers Association is a not for profit organization that was incorporated in the city of Ottawa in 1965 and over the past 46 years has prided itself on being pro-active and conscious of the commitment to drivers and road safety. The Association is currently participating is cooperation with Ottawa Police Services, the City of Ottawa and the National Capital Heavy Construction Association in a task force to reduce occurrences such as the Carp Road incidences that has brought a media spotlight on our industry.

Each Association member is obligated to comply with road safety laws pertaining to the Highway Traffic Act and as a reminder we strongly recommend that the following be completed daily and with each load transported to and from the job sites.

1.Ensure mud flaps are in good condition.

2.Ensure tarp is not ripped or torn.

3.Ensure tailgate is sealed & secured.

4.Before proceeding onto a public road walk around the vehicle to ensure there is no debris on the vehicle or lodged between tires that could fall off or become dislodged while driving.

5.When inspecting vehicle be sure to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

6.Always make other operators aware of any potential safety issues you might notice on their vehicle and equipment.

7.Attend training and educational seminars and sessions in cooperation with the Ottawa Police Services and the MTO specific to safety when scheduled by the Association.

I would like to thank you all for helping to reduce accidents with a goal of zero occurrences moving forward. Comments and suggestions welcome and may be forwarded to the Association office.

Safe Trucking

Ron Barr
President & General Manager
CC Safety & Compliance File