Mission Statement
53 Years Serving The Independent Dump Truck & Aggregate Haulers In Eastern Ontario
The Greater Ottawa Truckers Association is the voice of the dump truck independent operators in the Greater Ottawa region.  The dump truck industry is an important economic driver in the Nation’s Capital in terms of employees, payroll, assessment, investment and taxes. The Greater Ottawa Truckers Association is comprised of 150 companies employing over 1,500 employees ($38 million payroll and is an important economic player in the Ottawa region).


To promote the role of the dump truck and road building industry as well those supporting businesses in a safe, professional and sustainable fashion.

CHARTER Objectives:

·To foster and advance the interests of those who are engaged in or who are directly or indirectly connected with or effected by the providing of dump truck and other trucking services in or around the greater Ottawa area;

·To represent the members of the Corporation in any matters pertaining to the providing of trucking or dump truck services and to the building construction industry in the greater Ottawa area and when necessary, to negotiate on their behalf and to enter into such trade or other agreements affecting wages and all other matters as may appear to be in the best interest of the truck owners and operators;

· To promote legislation and to make representations affecting the providing of dump truck and trucking services in all its branches and to oppose or support, as the case may be, any contemplated legislation by provincial, municipal or other authorities insofar as the same may affect the providing of such services;

·To endeavour to achieve a closer relationship and better understand among the persons and corporation for whom dump truck and trucking services are provided and to improve and standardize as far as possible the methods of submitting and accepting tenders as between trucking operators and contractors or sub-contractors, as the case may be;

·To establish a credit rating of the members of the corporation;

· To gather statistics relating to the providing of trucking services and builders and contractors and other matters calculated to be of use and assistance to members of the Corporation;

·To bring about a greater uniformity in the customs and usages of those engaged in the providing of dump truck and truck services;

·To endeavour to settle differences among its members and to promote a closer co-operation among the members of the various trades with whom the members of the Corporation may deal; and

·To provide office and other facilities for the dissemination of statistics and other information and for the convenience of the various activities and branches of the Corporation in holding conferences.
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