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Greater Ottawa Truckers Association
Attended provincial courts for GOTA members 73 times in 2018 (57 different times in 2017)

Won cases involving 1) seatbelt ticket (withdrawn), careless driving charges (reduced), moving violations with CVOR points reduced to non-moving violations, etc

Appeared for members 3 times for serious “summons to appear” court orders whereby the ticket instruct the accused to show up in directly to court to deal with the matter – successfully defended all 3 cases

Appeared before the Government of Canada Senate Committee at Parliament Hill to speak about Inter-Provincial Trade Barriers on behalf of the Greater Ottawa Truckers Association

Sit actively at the provincial level of the MTO (Ministry of Transportation) focusing on SPIF/overweight issues and other road safety concerns

Prepared 12 different GOTA member companies for MTO Audits

Coordinated and attended 3 - 3 full day MTO audits for members

Visited no less than 32 different GOTA members to assist with the tendering process for the City of Ottawa’s snow removal program

Suggested to the GOTA membership the highest ever charge for snow removal in the city at $94 to $97 per hour

Worked with the industry to increase the summer rate to $88 from a rate of $83 per hour to start 2018

Negotiated rates for several vendors as high as $90 per hour (supply and demand)

On-going discussions with area road builders for an increase for 2019

GOTA is the voice of dump trucks/aggregate/road builders in eastern Ontario with the, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry Of Environment Climate Change, Federal Government regarding inter-provincial trade and the City of Ottawa

On-going discussions with Jobs Protection, the government body that is responsible for intra-provincial trade with Quebec

Registered 14 different members under the contaminated waste sector of the MOECC

Trained over 143 drivers and business owners on MTO and MOECC compliance

Share work with the membership when out of town contractors/vendors seek our GOTA trucks for work in the area

Intervene with slow paying contractors for GOTA members
The GOTA membership is important and appreciated – here are some of the items we worked on and accomplished over 2018:
53 Years Serving The Independent Dump Truck & Aggregate Haulers In Eastern Ontario
President &  General Manager Messages
President & General Manager
Ron Barr

The Greater Ottawa Truckers Association was founded in 1965 by a group of enterprising businessmen who recognized the importance of operations getting together socially to better their common industry. We represent the dump trucks and road building industries in Canada’s Capital Region.

The Greater Ottawa Truckers Association is committed to improving our businesses and maintaining the highest of standards with the products we deliver to the road builders and construction industry. We work with various committees to better address the issues our industry regularly faces and we strive to improve every day!   With the help of some of our members and industry partners we are developing better business practices pertaining to safety.

My office would like to thank all of our membership and sponsors for their support. We would not move forward without you.

To our founders, thank you for establishing our Association. We truly hope to operate in a pro active fashion and ensure that our industry continues to thrive for many years to come.

We will endeavour to promote our industry, educate our members of new practices and specifications, and bring our membership together as a unified voice.

I encourage your input and whatever challenges our industry faces the Greater Ottawa Truckers Association will meet the challenge head-on.


The mission statement of R.W. Tomlinson “Founded on Strength Guided by Vision” continues to hold true by this company as they have always led the way when dealing with dump trucks and trailers in the greater Ottawa area. Effective Tuesday September 3, 2019 the rates for tri-axle dump trucks will increase to $90.00 per hour.

I am going to single out R.W. Tomlinson for continually addressing rates as they are responsible for the last several increases. In October 2017 rates changed from $83.00 to $85.00, in June  2018 they rose from $85.00 to $86.00, then again in December 2018 to  $88.00 and finally to the new rate of $90.00 effective immediately.

R.W. Tomlinson has taken this pro-active approach because they understand the value of a healthy trucking industry. They also need more trucks than they are able to hire.  I am encouraging all truckers to support this company as they have always supported the Greater Ottawa Truckers Association and those they hire. They do not subscribe to hiring those who approach them about cutting the rates. It is in no ones best interest to short change a trucker by offering services below cost – without us nothing at all would move, be delivered or be built.

I will be producing a new rate sheet to reflect this increase.

Also, I will be vetting the GOTA email list and moving forward industry information will be sent to members in good standing only, non-members can source their own information.

Any questions by all means communicate and I may be found at one of the contact numbers below.


Ron Barr
General Manager
Greater Ottawa Truckers Association
305 Stanley Crescent
Russell, Ontario
K4R 1E5
613-738-1639 office
613-884-5731 mobile/text
53 Years Serving The Independent Dump Truck & Aggregate Haulers In Eastern Ontario
305 Stanley Crescent Russell, ON K4R 1E5, Canada - Serving Ottawa Since 1965